Welcome to Data Science@CU


  • To create a platform , where people from industry , academia can share ideas , work together.
  • To work on projects which can improve quality of life , especially in the domain of public life
  • Formulate problem, offer internships, apply for funding
  • Organize monthly meetups to brainstorm on particular topic and also provide update on project status
Next Meetup !!!
9th June 2018


Social Media Influence

An application, which will automate data archiving from specific FB page and generate engagement indicators, sentiments and top areas of concern.

Text classification using hybrid method for imbalanced class

There is a dataset of 10,000 tweets from important stock brokers, we want to identify the tweets which are relevant for stock market.

Identify issues from text narratives

A company wants to know the areas of concern from customer narratives

Drone based surveillancer

Automate surveillance using a drone

Deep Learning for Computational Biology

Integrating genomics , proteomics, epigenomics, metabolomics etc. for finding out significant bio markers and mapping them to patient survival

Graph-based approach for feature selection in high-dimensional data sets

Use graph-theoretic principles for selecting a subset of features of a data set having very large number of features


An academia-industry amalgam:

  • University of Calcutta : Faculty, Students, Alumni, Research Scholars
  • Other faculty from Academia
  • IT Industry : Cognizant, IBM, TCS, Third Eye, etc
  • Interns from other colleges
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